Left Out Pride Kills

the blamed

This originally was supposed to be a side project to the blamed.

This record was produced by Klank and engineered by Chris Colbert cover by Keith Konya executive producer Alex Parker

Jake Landrau guitars and vocals Myk Porter guitars and vocals Bryan Gray bass and vocals Jesse Smith drums Klank played and sang on this too

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Left Out Greatest Hits

the blamed

This was definitely never released, recorded during the Pride Kills session, not sure if this was even a good idea, either way it never saw the light of day until 2019, here you go

Engineered By Chris Colbert Produced By Klank Excecutive producer Alex Parker Artwork inspired by Keith Konya

Jacob Landrau guitars and vocals Bryan Gray bass and vocals Myk Porter guitars Jesse Smith Drums I'm sure Klank played on this

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Left Out Serve Self

the blamed

2nd Left Out Album

Engineered And Produced By Chris Colbert Additional Vocal Production By Steve Hindalong Co Produced By Jacob Executive Producer Alex Parker Art And Layout Noah Krogh

Brent Kaping bass and vocals Bryan Gray guitars and vocals Jim Chaffin drums Jacob Christensen lead guitars

Chris played guitars on rockstar and high school prom king and appeared courtesy of Duraluxe Cleetus Adrian sang on real and gave us lots of ideas Jonathan "not even" Peters sang lead vocals on I grind my teeth at night Tracy Street sang on fameless and that's life

P.S. Welcome back to the underground crashdog

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Lost Lonely Vicious

the blamed

Probably one of the best collaborations that I've been a part of, pure rock and roll.

Recorded by Ed Bialach on the 3rd floor of the wilson building, mixed at by Ed Bialach at Tone Zone Studios Chicago

Originally released on a Boot To Head Records comp entitled Lost Lonely Vicious, thanks to Caleb Olsen- one of the unsung heroes

On this recording Left out is Bryan Gray vocals, Jason Seiler guitars and bgv's One-21 is Jedidiah Slaboda on vocals, Paul Sanders on guitar and bgv's, Chris Klein on guitar and bgv's, Tom Manns on bass and bgv's, and Vince Radcliffe on drums and bgv's

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recommend if you like

the blamed

4th Left Out Album

Recorded by Ed Bialach and Left Out on the the 3rd floor of the Wilson Building

Jeff Locke bass and vocals Bryan Gray guitars and vocals Donnie Anderson drums and vocals

Jason Seiler wrote what money didn't do and played guitar on this and sang on it also played and sang on Geoffe Brent Kaping played bass on Geoffe I can't remember who played drums on Geoffe

two of my favorite instruments was an outtake from the blamed isolated incident record, Matt Switaj and Marco Storm from selfmindead

this isn't bryan's favorite left out record

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Internal Eyes


Free Music from 5 Blenderhead fans

Christopher Foley from Luxury on bass Bryan Gray from the blamed and the satire on guitar Kris Klein from Squad 5-0 and One21 on guitar Joe Musten from Beloved and The Advent on drums Mark Salomon from Stavesacre and The Crucified on vocals

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