From the recording 5.98 Quarantine Days Revisited

Featuring Jason Wisdom on vocals
Rocky Gray on guitar
James O. Hahn on Bass
Jessy Hawley and Travis Turner on Gang Vocals

Jason is from a band called Death Therapy and Jesse and Travis are from a band called the satire


Mid, post, pre-tribulation that will not matter here
Pre, post or a-millenal, the stand will fall to tears
To cause division for the things that won't obtain
The righteousness of God, imputed by His name

There ain't nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
At the great White Throne
So now's the time to die
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
White Throne
Nowhere, I say nowhere, at the White Throne

To turn the grace of God into licentiousness
To teach false doctrine based upon presupposition myths
Therefore repent or this is what you'll get
Torment forever in the eternal fire pit (lake)
Are you listening (not just hearing) to what I say?